Burt Keirstead “BK”

I’m a Taurus.  I like to stretch when I wake up.  I’m in the fourth quarter, hoping for overtime, and loving every minute before the whistle  blows.   The only thing on my bucket list is to catch a tasty “Spicoli” wave, either the real thing, or a dream.  All you need is love to make the world go round.  No one asks me what I do, but if they did, I would say,  ”I’m a story teller”.

I’m a local Seacoast singer/songwriter.  I’m a music man.

Hope you will enjoy both the original and cover tunes on this site AND come see me live.   Below are a few cover tunes I really like to perform and a draft of an anthem I’m working on for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

 Magnolia, by J.J. Cale

Searching for a Heart by Warren Zevon

Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Neil Young

Stand with You