Burt Keirstead “BK”

Burt Keirstead (“BK”) is a Seacoast musician who has been performing for more than 40 years in New Hampshire, ever since his days at Dartmouth College.   He is an accomplished guitar player and singer, who will likely play some songs you always liked, but haven’t heard in awhile.  Burt has collaborated with several other musicians to produce a collection of professional recordings and YouTube videos. You can often find him playing solo or with friends at Savory Square Bistro in Hampton, NH and other Seacoast venues. 

Enjoy both the original and cover tunes on this site and check the calendar to see him live.  Below are a few cover tunes BK likes  to perform and a draft of an anthem he has been working on for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

 Just Another Train

Searching for a Heart by Warren Zevon

Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Neil Young

Stand with You